About the Author

Dr. Steven Viele

Dr. Viele was a pediatrician for 30 years and the adoring father of two girls. He spent the past three decades writing little poems inspired by the young minds and sweet innocence of both his patients and children. His attention was captured as he watched them progress through childhood and advance from a land of magic and dreams into a world of reality and structure. His books provide a glimpse into such a developmental period and let us recall some of our favorite childhood memories. May we all keep dreaming and expanding our imaginations.

About the Illustrator

Ashley McKeown Dix

Ashley graduated with a degree in Interior Design and spent years painting murals in children’s rooms for both private clients and model homes. Transitioning into children’s books felt natural and exciting. Ashley’s children have been patients of Dr. Viele since the birth of her first child in the 2009. It was not until Dr. Viele retired that the partnership began. Ashley engaged her children, her children’s friends and their classmates into each imaginary detail to truly show the pure nature of their whimsical dreams.


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About Our Name

The name LOLLYPOP BOOKS was inspired when author Steven Viele learned of illustrator Ashley’s insatiable love of lollypops, especially butterscotch. He began supplying Ashley with endless lollypops throughout the design phase of “My Dog Is The Tooth Fairy”. She has since received another supply to inspire their second book “A Gift You Don’t Want”. A love of lollypops captures so much of the essence of childhood that it seemed like a perfect fit for the name of their company.